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CCW holder threatens to shoot his iPhone



Well one unhappy customer at an Apple Store in a Cincinnati mall got a little out of hand with his anger towards his iPhone. He told an Apple Store worker, “so mad I could pop a 9mm at it.” He then revealed he actually had a concealed 9mm, a major no no if you’re a legal concealed carry wearer. Donald Goodrich, then went on to say “I’ll do it right now. Look!” He then opened up the side of his shirt to show the Apple worker his 9mm handgun, again, something a responsible concealed carry permit holder should never do.

The Apple employee remained calm however, possibly because they deal with many angry iPhone owners, she then told the man she will get a tech to fix it. She then informed her manager who called police. The man was then charged with “aggravated menacing, causing fear of harm.” He may even be charged with gun possession even though he has a concealed permit because he failed to inform the officer he had a gun on him.

As an iPhone thumping gun totter, these kinds of events anger me. I am a big believer in our 2nd amendment rights, but it is irresponsible idiots like this that make gun owners look bad. Looks like the only guns he’ll have from now on will be his gun apps on his iPhone.


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