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Brazilian police returning 1500 Taurus CT-30 carbines


The Brazilian State Police in Rio de Janeiro is returning 1500 1500 Taurus CT-30 carbines back to Taurus, the cause? Malfunctions caused by a defect in the magazine locks is the official cause. However it appears there are also reports of the carbine failing to fire when the trigger is pulled, to the carbine firing in full auto mode even when the trigger is not pulled and when the safety is engaged. These are some serious issues, which caused the police to return all the carbines after a few of them showed these inherent issues.

The Brazilian police have demanded that Taurus fix the issues within 90 days. The Taurus CT-30 carbines were suppose to be replacements for the aging FN FAL made in Brazil under license which is too large for police use in urban settings. At around $2000 for each Taurus CT-30 carbine, I don’t blame the police for wanting a reliable carbine.

As some carbines showed the problems, the police command recalled all of them and demanded Taurus to fix all the defective ones in a maximum 90 days.
The weapons were supposed to replace the Brazilian-made FAL (licensed from FN) which are not suited for urban police work. Each carbine costed around US$2000. At almost $2G’s for a carbine, there are plenty of other options for the Brazilian police to consider.

[Source: G1.Globo via Reddit]


  1. Allt jag säger är bara Rio, se Ipanema och mycket annat som finns i Rio, en självklarhet att uppleva är Sockertoppen. Även den Brasilianska maten är ett under för sig.

  2. The weapons should have been checked before they were released to the police authorities. This is especially when police officers face dangers every time they go out in the streets. Hopefully, there will be not more problems with the 1500 1500 Taurus CT-30 once already replaced.

    Thanks for the information and hope you can visit my site when you have time.


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