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Brazilian Cops Stop Plane With Their Car



Down in Brazil it seems the cops have a different style of doing things, at least the cops who aren’t paid off to look the other way. By a different style, I mean crashing their police car into a drug runner’s airplane or shooting at their getaway cars from a helicopter. Check out the two videos below that were posted on Jalopnik today.

The first video below was in Santa Vitória, Brazil and shows federal police using their own police car to push the plane off the runway before it could take off. Five suspects were caught with more than 500 pounds of cocaine. The second video is from Ribeiráo Preto, Brazil where police took out a plane that was smuggling stolen electronics to Paraguay.

The pic to the left is from the movie Elite Squad about the elite BOPE officers in Brazil, it’s definitely worth a watch! So is the sequel Elite Squad: The Enemy Within. Yeah I just wanted a reason to plug these awesome movies. Back to the videos.

But wait there’s more! This video shows a Brazilian police helicopter shooting on a drug dealers car in the streets of Rio De Janeiro was recently released as well.


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