Home News ATI/GSG MP-40 Schmeisser in 9MM on the way?

ATI/GSG MP-40 Schmeisser in 9MM on the way?



I’m sure you’ve seen our past SHOT Show post about the GSG .22LR MP-40 Schmeisser, well a rep at GSG/ATI told me at the Media Day at the Range they’re working on a 9mm version. Yeah you read that right, a MP-40 Schmeisser in 9MM! The picture above is actually from their .22lr model from last years SHOT Show. Stay tuned for more info and pictures are we get them from the opening of the 2015 SHOT Show.

EDIT: I talked to another rep from GSG/ATI, they’ve confirmed that an MP-40 in 9MM IS in the works.

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