Bad news for gun enthusiast who are Amazon shoppers, they recently announced that they’re banning the sale of lasers on their site.

That means weapons lasers like those from Crimson Trace or bore sighters might not be available anymore. Currently there’s still weapons lasers available but they may be removed next month.

EDIT: It appears Amazon has changed their terms and laser bore sighters and weapons lasers are NOT going to be banned afterall.

Osage County Guns posted the letter they got from Amazon on their site.

Amazon strives to provide the best possible experience for customers. As part of our ongoing efforts, we implemented listing restrictions for laser-pointer products listed by ASIN below.

As noted in previous email communications that you received, you can no longer list any of the below ASINs on Amazon.com, and your listings for these products have been removed. There is no adverse impact on your seller account for the removal, but we request that you refrain from relisting removed products.

We will not accept inbound shipments of the affected ASINs to FBA. If you still have remaining inventory of these ASINs already in Amazon fulfillment centers, you can take action on the remaining inventory until June 25, 2015.


Please create a Removal Order for return or disposal of these units by June 25, 2015. Each Removal Order generates a “FBA Return Fee” or “FBA Disposal Fee” that appears in your Seller Central account. If you choose to dispose of this inventory, we will reimburse you the “FBA Disposal Fee” for the aforementioned FBA inventory if the Removal Order is created before June 25, 2015. After June 25, 2015, you will be charged standard disposal fees that will not be reimbursed.

Once you are reimbursed for the disposal fee, your reimbursement amount will appear in your Payments Report; to find this report, click the Reports tab in Seller Central, then Payments. The reimbursement amount will appear as “Other” in the Refunds section.

If you choose to have the inventory returned to you, you are responsible for paying the “FBA Return Fee” for Removal Orders created in this time frame. This will not be reimbursed.

If you do not submit a Removal Order for impacted inventory by June 25, 2015, we will dispose of this inventory in accordance with the Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreement.

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