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Alternatives To Google For Guns & Ammo Shopping

Sorry Arnold, can't use Google Shopping to buy guns anymore.

In case you didn’t already hear, Google has censored firearms and ammo listings from their Google Shopping service. Although this is a pretty disturbing turn of events from the world’s most popular search engine, there’s still hope for firearms enthusiasts out there. There’s quite a few alternatives to Google Shopping to find firearms, ammo and accessories online. In case you don’t already have an online firearms and ammo retailer that you already use or if you want to find an even better deal out there, here’s a few alternatives to Google shopping to get your firearms fix.


While Amazon does not sell ammunition and firearms on their site, the most popular online retailer does  have a vast amount of firearms accessories to choose from. From AR-15 parts, guns magazines, stocks, rails, targets, training snap caps, cleaning kits, you name it. They probably have it listed, and usually much cheaper than anywhere else with free shipping to boot. If you sign-up for Amazon Prime you get free 2-day shipping on most orders as well. Check out their large selection of accessories at Amazon.com.

Bing Shopping

Perhaps the most direct alternative to Google Shopping is Bing’s own shopping service. While Bing has been playing catch-up to Google over the last few years, let’s just hope that they don’t follow Google’s lead by banning guns and ammo listings as well. Last time I checked .223 ammo was still listed in Bing Shopping, as well as other firearms and ammo related products.

Gun Broker

GunBroker.com is one of the largest marketplaces for firearms and ammo online. They’re pretty much the eBay for guns where users can list and buy guns, ammo and accessories.


Since SlickGuns.com started, they’ve become a very popular source for gun, ammo and accessory deals online. They’re not a search engine like Bing Shopping and they don’t actually sell any products like Amazon or GunBroker. They’re a resource of all the deals found online posted by users.


Interestingly GunSpec announced the very same day that Google started to censor guns in Shopping that they would take over and fill the void Google left. GunSpec is a  shopping comparison site that’s really slick looking and is pretty similar to other comparison sites like Shopping.com and Nextag.com.

Daily Deal Sites

We posted about the various gun Daily Deal sites a while back such as Deal Hog. They’re similar to other daily deals sites such as Groupon and Living Social, only they cater to gun enthusiasts. Check out our list of gun daily deal sites.

A few honorable mentions go out to Gallery of Guns and Ebang, and AmmoEngine.

While the number one search engine shunned gun owners, there’s still many avenues out there to find the best deals on guns, ammo and accessories. Will gun retailers online feel the pinch from the potential lost traffic and revenue? I’d venture to say in the short term they definitely will. But in the long run the sites like the ones I listed above will be able to fill the gap left by Google, and most likely provide a better service to firearms enthusiasts than Google ever could.

Do you have any other websites that you use to find guns, ammo and accessories online? If I missed any leave us a comment below and share them.


  1. That really does suck that Google did this, but it’s good to know there’s lot of other ways to shop for guns/ammo. I was a big fan of using Google Shopping, I guess I’ll make the switch to Bing!


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