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7.62×39 vs a House



A Redditor recently posted about an incident at a friend’s house in Kansas. apparently a 7.62×39 round from a few irresponsible shooters came flying through the poster’s friend’s house. It entered through their kitchen window, went clean through their fridge, a frozen water bottle, across two walls in a hallway and eventually lodged in the back of a mirror in their bathroom.

Luckily no one was hurt, shoot safe everyone.


    • The pictures are from 6 years ago but were posted “recently” on Reddit when this article was posted here on ArmoryBlog back in Feb.

  1. Would anyone try to find who shoot that shot?

    I’m not in USA, but interesting in firearms. I just wonder how this kind of thing would be managed. Anti-gun people gonna put this thing up to back their argument.

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