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10 Best Gun Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following


Instagram seems to be flooded with pictures from wannabe fitness models but there is actually quite a lot of great firearms related pages out there. Below is our list of the top 10 gun related Instagram accounts. Do you have a favorite page you follow? Leave us a comment below. 


The obvious top choice is us. In all seriousness we’re not the most popular page on Instagram but we do try and share a lot of firearms pictures we find interesting, both our own and from lots of other gun pages. We also mix in humor, military and historical photos too. Give us a follow @armoryblog.com


A photo posted by ArmoryBlog (@armoryblog) on


TFB is the #1 gun blog online and has been around close to a decade now. Their Instagram page is relatively new too but they post lots of interesting content. Follow them @firearmblog


A photo posted by The Firearm Blog (@firearmblog) on


Chaseingtheoutdoors is a firearms enthusiast that takes beautiful firearms pictures in the great outdoors. Give him a follow @chaseingtheoutdoors


A photo posted by Chase Pappas (@chaseingtheoutdoors) on


Leaspeed6 is a female firearms enthusiast who is also into fitness and cars. And she has quite the impressive gun collection. Give her a follow @leaspeed6 


A photo posted by Lea “Speed6” (@leaspeed6) on


Gunsdaily is a huge page at over 1.6 million followers, they post a lot of great pics from all over Instagram. Check them out @gunsdaily


A photo posted by Gunsdaily™ (@gunsdaily) on


Boodaluvz556 isn’t a blog or YouTube channel, just a guy who takes really cool pictures of his extensive gun collection. Check him out @boodaluvz556


A photo posted by Nam (@boodaluvz556) on


Gunsfanatics is another huge Instagram prage that shares lots of great gun pics from around Instagram. Check out @gunsfanatics


A photo posted by Milos Cupic (@gunsfanatics) on


Gunconnoisseur is a “stamp collector” with lots of great pics of his guns. Check him out @gunconnoisseur


metalhead_1 is a photographer and Army vet, his photography style is pretty cool. Check him out at @metalhead_1


Poweredbymario is also a vet as well as an NRA instructor. He takes some great pics too. Check him out @poweredbymario


A photo posted by Mario Caner (@poweredbymario) on



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