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Taliban using US bought ammo against coalition troops


New York Times war correspondent CJ Chivers posted on his war blog about a recent weapons cachet found by the US Military in Afghanistan. Along with the usual suspects of AK-47 rifles and Lee Enfield rifles left over from WWI and WWII (some from before that), Chivers found something quite disterbing that was taken off a dead taliban soldier. Apparently the Taliban was able to get their hands on American purchased ammunition that was given to Afghan police.

By comparison, the contents of 15 recently captured Taliban Kalashnikov magazines, inventoried by the At War blog, revealed that the Taliban’s magazines were full with ammunition identical to that carried by the Afghan police. The Taliban and the Afghan police carry the same types and calibers of weapons. And with police ammunition evidently leaking to the insurgency, ammunition for AK rifles, PK machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades would seem in abundant supply, helping to limit the use of the Lee-Enfield line.

Both the Taliban and Afghan police use similar Kalashnikov rifles, was the ammo taken off killed Afghan police? Or was it funneled to the Taliban to help fight coalition forces?

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