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Predator drones hacked in Iraq by insurgents



This is some surprising news, it has been reported that insurgents in Iraq have intercepted the live video feeds of U.S. military Predator drones in the field. How were they able to do this? With a $26 Windows application that allowed them to track the UAVs totally undetected.
Hackers reportedly worked with Iraqi insurgents to find which areas of Iraq were under surveillance by the U.S. military, they even went so far as to compromise the video feeds of Predator drones in Afghanistan as well. This comes to light as President Obama orders a troop surge in Afghanistan and the Air Force sends in a new wave of surveillance aircraft. This break of security was caused by the fact that Predator drones do not use encryption in the link to the operators on the ground, no official word has been released if this security issue has been fixed.

[Source: CBSnews]


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