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Check out this picture posted on TheFirearmBlog of a bunch of machine guns at a museum in California that were made inoperable. Sad. Almost as sad as this gun graveyard in Asia full of rusted WWII and Vietnam War era guns.

From TheFirearmBlog:

This photo was taken by me at the former Military Vehicle Technology Foundation (aka the Littlefield Collection) museum in Portola Valley, CA. All of the formerly full-automatic weapons you see before you were rendered inoperable in preparation for leaving the state. This included torching both the receiver and barrel. Most of what you see in the photo are M1919s and MG42s. A number of other weapons were chopped up as well.


  1. From a man who worked for Jacques Littlefield for many years:

    It just amazes me how Fake and False news can be spread. Jacques Littlefield had NO full auto weapons, and all that is seen in the photo are dummy guns which ALL were built to ATF regulations for dummy guns, just as are mine in my museum here in Reno. He was VERY cautious about having anything illegal, as he had way too much to loose. He did have legal “Destructive Devices” as he was a Destructive Device Manufacturer, and could have done the same for Machine guns if he wanted to, but he did not want the bother.

    I built many of these dummies, so I know what I am talking about. What happened was the Collins Foundation who the Littlefield Collection was donated to, didn’t know the first thing about firearms, and called in the ATF who ordered all of them destroyed. Since they weren’t firearms, legally the ATF had NO authority in this matter at all.

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