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Is this the new M1A3 Abrams Tank?


The Abrams tank is the most advanced battle tank in the world, but there is always room to improve. It has been rumored that the Army has been working on developing a lighter 60-ton Abrams tank to replace the current M1A2 Abrams. This can be for various reasons from increased speed and maneuverability to better fuel consumption.

Check out the images and video below of what is believed to be a prototype M1A3 Abrams tank:

[Source: militaryphotos.net]


  1. No offence, but the turret looks more like an old turret from one of our Leopard2 and facing backwards it looks even uglier on the Abrahams hull.

  2. I am happy and proud to live on the LAND OF FREE, 65 years old, military/police background, ready to joint combat forces at any day and I will be happy to put my life out front to defend this glorious soil.

    Why do I said that; I am an political military analist and I wrote many years back that USA will confront real and powerful challenges, and unfortunately is what we are about to see sooner then later. what is coming against USA, is the most lethal thread that nation on earth never had, somenthing that exceed the military capacity of any coalition, and we know that catastrophe will happen just of matter of time, Then I know that will happen because we are loosen the power of leadership, and many evil Nations around the globe are building military inventory out of control. I am getting very sad myself because that KARMA is a HORRIBLE thread that can reach us in half an hour from “russia”, five hours from Iran, 10 Hours from North Korea, and CHINA will be the great expectator and be ready to take over with out getting involved in the genocide. So now I have a question for you BARAK and the TOP MILITARY COMMANDERS; WHY WE ARE WAITING SO LONG TO BURN THE NORTH KORE, IRAN AND RUSSIA hardware factories?, thay going to attack us anyway, and the reasons they are holding back is that they do not have enough pile and resources to reach USA soil, they are getting closed to get what they needed, and when they know they do, the attempt will be imminent and when they fail to reach USA soil, the frustration will be dumped on friends countries and areas that never be able to defend themselves, and great possibility is that we will not be able to be there for evryone, God Blass America

    • I would think that an analyst would be a little better at editing. It’s funny that you invoke God in your nationalist, blood-thirsty rant. The greatest threat against the U.S. is people like you that are itching for a fight. Calm down and enjoy your retirement, which I’m sure will be spent alone in a log cabin in Idaho with your gun collection and the movie Red Dawn constantly playing on your TV. You warmongering freaks make me sick when you get all horny for a fight.

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