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Face Armor from Mtek


Body armor has come a long ways recently, well here’s one innovation that I hope will be more widely used in the near future. Not because it looks pretty darn cool, but because it will give our troops even more protection from frags and whatnot. Oh and because it looks pretty darn cool!

Check out what this soldier did to his face armor, I can see this included in the next Call of Duty title.

From the MTek Weapons Systems website:

The FAST G3A was designed for vehicle mounted convoy operations, but has been used at ECP’s, CQB, building / room clearing, and logistical vehicle ops. It provides ballistic protection that is equal to or exceeds the Army Combat Helmet (ACH) and the USMC Light Weight Helmet (LWH). It also has an NIJ IIIA ballistic rating (.44MAG+9mm). Total weight with Versa Rails is 1.5lbs.

• Lightweight- .9lbs (1.5lbs w/Versa Rails)
• Designed for turret gunners, check point operations, building clearing / CQB operations, logistical vehicle operations
• NVG, communication equipment, eye pro compatible
• Blunt force impact and blast mitigation
• No loss of peripheral vision
• No helmet modifications required
• Push button release, on or off in 1 second
• Accessory attachment points
• NIJ IIIA Certified

2GR (RCC) @ 4750 FPS
4GR (RCC) @ 3600 FPS
16GR (RCC) @ 2450 FPS
64GR (RCC) @ 1800 FPS
17GR (FSP) @ 2200 FPS
NIJ IIIA (.44MAG+9mm)

[Source: MTek Weapon Systems via Everydaynidaysoff.com]