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China’s new stealth fighter


It’s no secret China has beefing up their military big time in the past few years, it looks like they have now added a new stealth fighter to their arsenal. Their new Chengdu J-20 stealth fighter appears to resemble the American F-22 fighter in shape, but how well does it perform? The secret J-20 stealth fighter was recently featured in Aviation Week, it is said to be 70-feet long and is equipped with Russian 117S engines with vectoring abilities and is capable of 32,000 pounds of thrust.

[Source: Aviation Week]


  1. I must admit, beautiful War Planes, but I also must admit, if it wasn’t for the greatest nation in the world, The United States, China nor Russia would not have nothing, and I mean Nothing what so ever, because they have these things because of the United States and their spy network. Their war planes are American design. It appears that, china nor russia has the people smart enough to do their own thing.


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