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What’s The Smallest Caliber You Trust?


That’s one way to survive a bear attack.



  1. That’s terrible. I had to read it a few times to figure out the story. Anyway, I hope his girlfriend was a liberal Democrat. One less vote for Obama, who will most certainly take your pistol away if he wins a second term. On a more serious note, several years ago, I read that .22LR kills more people than any other bullet. I bought my wife 3 handguns, all .380 ACP: Walther PK380, S&W Bodyguard and a SIG SAUER P238. I loaded her magazines so that every other round is a Hornady Critical Defense. Myself, I prefer larger caliber weapons: Colt Gold Cup M1911A1 .45 Auto, S&W Governor .45LC/.410GA/.45ACP or Ruger Security Six / S&W 19 in .357MAG. I am confident that these weapons can kill anything that endangers me or my family and friends.

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