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Preppers, The Real 1%


Preppers 1%

When the zombies come this is the 1% group that matters…

[Source: Operationblackbird]


  1. My wife and I have been “Preppers” for a little over a year. Zombies have not been our motivation for getting on board, but I am sure that the same defensive measures that we’re taking to repel the OWS crowd (hand-out recipients lobbying for Socialism) will work. Seriously, the potential for economic collapse and social disorder was the reason that convinced me to put aside some food, water, medical supplies, guns and ammunition. A financial adviser, Porter Stansberry, explained the impact of our insurmountable national debt and the loss of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. Whether you believe in TEOTWAWKI or not, prudence dictates that every family be prepared for emergencies. The natural disasters in Japan, Haiti, Hurricane Katrina and the Halloween Blizzard that shut down power in the NE USA are evidence enough to purchase basic supplies.

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