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Husband Tests Bullet Proof Glass With His Wife



There’s a ton of videos out there where someone will demonstrate the strength of their bullet proof glass by shooting at the glass with someone standing behind it. So what makes this video blog worthy? Well for one it’s a husband and wife team demonstrating the effectiveness of the bullet proof glass, in the 1930s. Bullet proof glass and armor existed in the 1930s, but it was arguably less effective than modern bullet resistance materials, and after seeing how many shots the husband was firing at the glass as it started cracking and spidering, I was fully expecting the next round to shatter it and cause dinner to not be ready in time. However ammo back then for the most part was not as hot as modern ammunition. I love how not only is the husband shooting at his wife, but he’s making her hold the glass the whole time instead of mounting it to a stand.


  1. Let’s see anyone get away with this now days. Personally, I wouldn’t want my wife testing bullet proof glass when I have a AR-15, even with stock loads, but I do know some guys who might give her a shot….lol

    Keep it up!


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