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ZCORR Gun Storage & Preservation Bag Review


zcorr gun bag

Guns are powerful and versatile tools, and like with any other tool, they require regular maintenance. The main cause of weapon malfunctions is poor maintenance, that’s why proper cleaning AND storage is a must with all firearms. Poor maintenance and storage can cause corrosion to both firearms and ammunition, keeping your guns cleaned and lubed as well as dry is of utmost importance. Enter the ZCORR Storage & Preservation Bags.

When the U.S Marine Crops needed a way to store their refurbished M-16 rifles they turned to ZCORR, their vacuum-sealed bags offer long-term firearm and ammo storage for up to 20 years. No need to douse your guns in cosmoline if you’re planning on storing away surplus weapons until they become C&R eligible (I’m just complaining because I hate cleaning off cosmoline!).

zcorr ammo bag

The ZCORR bags utilize a vapor corrosive inhibitor called Blu-Gard-VCI to help keep out moisture and fight corrosion.  After a thorough cleaning just place your rifle or pistol in the ZCORR bag, zip it up and use your household vacuum cleaner to suck out all the air. While they may seem like just a plastic bag, the U.S. Army Material Logistics Command tested the ZCORR storage bags, after putting them through their paces they found that there was no rust on any of their weapons after their tests.


They come in various sizes for long guns, shorter tactical rifles like the AR-15, pistols and for ammunition. While they are essentially a plastic storage bag for your guns and ammo, they don’t feel like just a plastic bag. All the bags we tested were made of thick durable plastic, they definitely didn’t rip or tear while we were testing them. Even full of .223, the ammo storage bag felt sturdy and durable whereas a thinner bag would have been Swiss cheese as soon as you picked it up.


These bags aren’t cheap however, while they won’t break the bank, they will definitely set you back a few boxes of ammo. They range from $12.50 for a set of ammo storage bags, up to $35.99 for a long gun bag. However it’s a small price to pay to keep your firearms and ammo protected over the long haul.

Final Thoughts

If you plan on storing your firearms or ammo long term, or if you just want the extra protection and piece of mind while you store your guns in your safe until the next range trip. The ZCORR Storage & Preservation Bags are a must.

From the ZCORR website

– Strong durable materials
– Easy to use
– Protects your guns from corrosion

– A bit costly, but worth it

For more information or to purchase, check out zcorrproducts.com.

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