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Warfytr Equipment Rifle Mag Carrier Review



There’s a lot of tactical gear and doodads out on the market, especially when it comes to magazine carriers. Now there are some pretty slick mag carriers out that help with fast mag changes. This new mag carrier from Warfytr Equipment is quite different however. With traditional carriers you pull the mag up and out of the carrier to reload, the Warfytr Equipment holds the magazine so that it hangs from the carrier and you pull the magazine down to release it.

According to Warfytr Equipment this is a much faster system than traditional mag carriers. Now I know what you may be thinking, won’t the magazine fall out of that contraption? The Warfytr Equipment carrier features a patent pending self-locking design that guarantees retention. It had plenty of retention during all the range trips where we used the carrier, the magazine wasn’t going anywhere. Even after jumping up and down, running and gunning and hundreds of mag changes the retention system stayed true.





The Warfytr carrier comes with two adjustable mounting hooks that can be used on either side making the carrier fully ambidextrous for all the south paws out there. The belt clips works with belts up to 2″ wide and also works with MOLLE webbing so you can use it on plate carriers and tactical vests. Both sides also feature 3 mounting holes to adjust the angle of the carrier.

The model we received works with USGI 5.56×45 NATO magazines, however a model for Magpul PMAGs is in the works and should be released later this year. To release the mag and do a mag change it’s actually quite simple (check out our diagram and video below). You give the magazine a little twist to release it and just pull straight down.


It was a bit odd doing magazine changes with it at first after being used to traditional mag carriers, but after a few tries you get used it and it becomes more natural. Using it in prone was a bit awkward at first as well, mostly because I’m used to top loaded carriers. Again, after some practice it wasn’t really an issue. One area where the carrier really shines is if you had a jacket (or shirt) over the mag during conceal carry or just cold days at the range. Instead of having to fumble with moving your jacket then drawing your magazine, just pull the magazine down from the carrier. Depending how long your jacket is it makes drawing your magazine much faster.


Now down to the nitty gritty, Was it actually faster? According to Warfytr Equipment their carrier places the magazine so it “is oriented to the weapon, drastically reducing reload time.” After using the Warfytr mag carrier over multiple range sessions and hundreds of mag changes I’m going to say that statement is true. Yeah, at first it took some getting used to, but after you get used to it mag changes because not only faster but smoother as well. There’s no fumbling or twisting your hand to pull your mag out and load it into your AR magwell.

Final Thoughts 
The Warfytr Equipment rifle mag carrier is definitely an innovative new product. While it takes some change in technique to use the carrier, it really does make mag changes faster and smoother. For concealed carry or use under heavy clothing the Warfytr Equipment carrier preforms very well.  I can see this carrier becoming popular with operators who are weighted down with equipment and want to save space. I also see this carrier becoming popular with the 3 Gun crowd where any way to increase speed and efficiency is always a plus. The Warfytr Equipment rifle mag carrier is made here in the USA and retails for $45 over at Warfytr.com.

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    • Greg-
      The Glock 9/40 mag carrier begins testing next month, with more models to follow. No estimate yet on release date, but we will keep armoryblog.com updated as we make progress. Thanks for the interest.


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