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Vedder Cobra Quick Release Gun Belt Review


We recently got a chance to review the Vedder Holsters LightTuck IWB Holster, this time around we’re reviewing the Vedder Cobra Quick Release Gun Belt. The Vedder Gun Belt with step-down Cobra Buckles is a solid belt system. Considering that I am always required to wear a sturdy belt for everyday use in uniform or for everyday carry, I know the hassle of getting off a 12 plus hour shift and then taking a moment to muster up the energy to convince myself to finally remove the belt by running through the loops. It’s not that I’m lazy, really it’s the small things that add up and this belt makes the end of my day that much easier and allows me to focus on other things when I get home. Other belts can be a real pain to take off.

Among other things, a sturdy belt is an underrated part of an EDC setup for a number of reasons. You don’t want a floppy weak belt that won’t hold your holster and gear into place when you really need it. The Vedder Belt is a solid platform for when I’m off duty as well, allowing me to carry my holster firmly into position with out the weight of the holster forcing the belt to twist or sag. The belt is made out of dual layered 1.5” nylon webbing and is made here in the USA.

Another major key point that also caught our attention compared to other belts on the market was the cost. The Vedder Gun Belt comes in just under $60, its practically half of the price than other companies with cobra buckles. There are much cheaper belts on the market for sure but those belts usually aren’t that great. 

The step-down Cobra Buckles have a firm and positive lock and the male end is easy to slide through standard belt loops. More on that below. 

However this belt feels a bit backwards with how the slack position is in the left side of the occupant. Also a bit awkward is how the male end is to be ran through the loops unlike traditional belts. This style is a bit cumbersome for those who wish to attach anything to the section with the slack because of the amount of material. I really only knew that the the belt was on the right side up because of the VEDDER Logo that was firmly stitched into the inside of the belt. Other than that the belt is pretty outstanding. 

When it comes down to it, the Vedder Gun Belt has what I really need to conduct work on and off duty by securing my holster in position, and of course it was great at the intended purpose of holding up my pants up (above my butt).

Source: Vedder Holsters

The Vedder Cobra Quick Release Gun Belt also has recently be released in Tan. They retail for $59.99 over at vedderholsters.com.com.

It’s also available for sale on Amazon.com.

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  1. I actually have this belt, it’s nice and sturdy and easy to take on/off. It’s my fav gun belt so far!

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