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Review: Rothco Medium Molle Backpack From PXSupply



I have a good amount of gear for all my firearms, probably too much, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. After magazines and holsters the one type of gear I like buying the most are bags. I have quite a lot of them, from simple range bags to molle backpacks and multi-rifle carrying bags.

Like the bag junkie that I am I was in the market for a new bag. This time around I wanted medium-sized bag I could use to carry a few items with me to the range. Just my pistol, a few mags, targets, ammo and my camera. Something for quick range trips after work. Enter the Rothco molle medium transport pack from PXSupply.com. PXSupply is an online Army Navy store that carries everything from backpacks and combat boots, to tactical gear and accessories. Rotcho is a large supplier of military and outdoors products. Everything from clothing  and flashlights, to gear designed for military and police as well as sportsmen.


The Rothco molle medium transport pack from PXSupply is available in black, coyote and foliage green, I picked up one in coyote brown. It’s made out of 900D polyester with a polyurethane coated inner lining to help repel water. It has one large pocket with three additional storage compartments. All large enough to carry quite a bit of gear for the bags relatively compact size.


The molle medium transport pack has fully adjustable padded shoulder straps that did their job well, I took this pack on a hiking trip as well as to a few outdoor range trips and even when fully packed it was very comfortable. The compression straps on the bag helped keep it on me nice and tightly and helped keep the bags load close to my center of gravity. A nice touch during long hikes and when you’re loaded down with lots of gear. It also has a narrow compact profile which makes it very easy to carry on the go, but also limits what you can carry.

One really nice feature is a pouch located behind the main storage pouch that can be used with a removable hydration bladder. If you have a spare Camelbak water pouch it would fit in there perfectly. Although the bag looks pretty small and slim from the images (I didn’t have much packed in it during this particular shoot), it can carry quite a bit of gear. It measures 17″x10″x9″ and has plenty of pockets and interior space. While the bag wasn’t wide enough to fit my laptop, it should fit a netbook fine, I was able to fit my DSLR and two lens perfectly fine with room to spare. It isn’t a laptop bag, but being able to fit one is always a nice touch.


Final Thoughts

As a self-proclaimed gear bag junkie I find the Rothco molle medium transport pack to be pretty good. If you don’t need a really large gear bag, an alice pack type backpack or something to hold rifles and whatnot, the Rothco medium transport bag will work for you. If you’re going on a day hike or just out to the range, or even to work or school, this bag fits the bill fine. While it won’t carry a laptop, it will carry quite a lot of gear. Factor in the hydration bladder compartment and you have a cheaper alternative to the pricey Camelbaks. It would also make a great light bug out bag for the car or to keep at work in case of emergencies.

I’ve taken this bag on a hike, a bunch of bike rides, work and to the range multiple times. While I didn’t climb Everest or go off to combat with it, it has held up well and I’m sure it will give me years of use. At $55.49 with free shipping from PXSupply.com it won’t break the bank either.


– Narrow compact design, making it easy to carry.
– Good amount of carrying capacity for the size, compartments are expandable.
– Molle compatible.
– Water resistant liner.
– Pouch for hydration bladder.
– Adjustable compression straps.


– A little too narrow for some items to fit, laptops, pistol cases etc.

You can buy the Rothco Medium Molle Backpack at PXSupply.com. More info on Rothco products can be found at Rothco.com.

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  1. I use mine for drill weekends and school. It doesn’t fit a laptop but if you have a tablet, perfect fit. It can carry all of my books, tablet, and if I need some more room I can add a couple pouches.

  2. Got one of these packs at a local surplus store here in Vancouver, Canada. The design is great, with the main pouch and three smaller pouches, lots of options for strapping extra gear on etc. Once I have my EDC survival gear in it, however, it can’t really carry much more. So as an EDC bag that you want to use for carrying books, a laptop, groceries, etc. it’s not too practical. I would also be wary of counterfeit versions, as I suspect mine is. Pretty poor quality production, with straps and stitching already on the verge of breaking (I’ve only used it for a month).

  3. I have a couple of the knock offs the Iraqi’s sold in B-dad. They fair OK. i use one for a shotgun range bag and the other for a gym bag. for the range bag, it carries about 150 rounds of 12ga and my shell bag in the main compartment. Rags, ear and eye pro go in the middle compartment and tools, chokes, and whatever else in the smaller compartments. i dig the from factor. I’ve carried 14 inch wide screen laptops in the main compartment. i added a IFAK to the molle on the front lower section. I’d grade the knock off as a C minus for the low grade banding and fabric. i think the Rothco looks better stitched and of higher quality fabric.


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