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Review: New Shirts From 1791 Apparel


1791 Apparel

1791 Apparel makes shirts targeted towards firearm enthusiast, we reviewed a few of their shirts a while back and where really impressed with them. Well it looks like they’ve recently revamped and relaunched their product line and we were able to get our hands on the improved goods.

So what’s changed with the newly revamped shirt line from the good folks at 1791 Apparel? Previously their shirts were printed on Hanes t-shirts, which are tried and true shirts, but there’s always room to improve. 1971 Apparel now prints all their shirts on pre-shrunk Anvil 100% ringspun cotton t-shirts which fit well and are much more comfortable. 1791 Apparel also increased their selection of sizes, ranging from small all the way up to 4XL.

When I first opened my box from the USPS I was greeted with a bit of a surprise. All the shirts I ordered came with a set of 3M earplugs and a 1791 sticker. I threw the earplugs in my range bag so I’d always have backup pairs of earplugs or for my buddies who forget theirs. You don’t want to drive out to the range/BLM land/shooting spot without your hearing protection, I know from experience.

1791 apparel

The first shirt I ordered was their 1911 shirt, being a huge fan of the 1911 pistol I had to order one. The 1911 is such an iconic weapon, if you’re a 1911 fan you’ll notice the signature outline of the business end of a 1911 a mile away. You can find the their 1911 shirt here.

Next shirt on my wishlist was the 1791 Apparel All Rights Reserved shirt, in reference to the United States Constitution. It’s a great way to show your support for not only the Second Amendment, but for our rights as a whole that so many politicians seem to take for granted. Check out the tribute to our Constitution here.

If you’ve shot the M1 Garand rifle, or watched a lot of WWII movies, you’ll get what the 1791 Apparel Garand shirt is referring to. You can find the tribute to the famed WWII battle rifle here.

Last but not least from my order was the M4 Flag shirt found here. It features an American flag with the outline of the front sight and barrel of the popular M4 rifle.

I’ve been using the new and improved shirts from 1791 Apparel for the past few weeks and have washed them all a few times, so far they’ve held up very well. No shrinking and the screen prints still look new. Fitment is great and the shirts are really comfortable. If you’re looking for a gift for the gun enthusiast in your life these are sure to be a hit this Christmas. They’re not too expensive with most shirts at around $17, and the sizing and color selection are great. Check them out at 1791Apparel.com.

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