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Mossberg 500 Chainsaw Review



Based off the iconic Mossberg 500 platform, the Mossberg 500 Chainsaw is a pistol-grip pump-action shotgun without a stock that features a wrap-around chainsaw-style hand grip incorporated into the forend. With the support hand above the barrel, counter force levels the muzzle as it kicks simultaneously cycling the action. It takes some time getting the hang of firing the Mossberg 500 Chainsaw as you’re essentially just firing from the hip and you’ll probably miss the first few times. However the chainsaw-style grip does a really good job at keeping muzzle flip under control.


When the pump handle is held on the side, the shotgun can be held to eye level and can serve as an off forward grip. Shooting like this is pretty difficult however.



In addition to the chainsaw-style grip, there are three Picatinny rails on the forend for mounting accessories such as lights or lasers. The 500 Chainsaw has a stand-off barrel that is intended for breaching doors, the rigid teeth on the muzzle also gives this shotgun a very aggressive look.



The Loading and operating the 500 Chainsaw is the same as any Mossberg 500 or 590, even the position of the safety selector (above the pistol grip) is the same as other Mossberg models. Pushing the selector into the forward position will expose a red dot indicating the shotgun is ready to be fired.



What really makes this 500 unique to other pistol grip shotguns is that it has a “chainsaw” handle attached to the pump as an aid for “accuracy” when shooting from the hip, however this is a conundrum because after about ten feet nothing is accurate when shooting from the hip. Sure it was fun, but very impractical.

Final Thoughts
I would recommend the Mossberg 500 Chainsaw strictly for personal defense (although not the best shotgun for that task) and Law Enforcement SWAT entry teams; moreover, this configuration is impractical for use with trap shooting, hunting, and even target shooting. Overall the Mossberg 500 Chainsaw pump shotgun is a very aggressive and intimidating looking platform with better usage in zombie video games and Hollywood movies than in real life applications.

Type: Pump Action Shotgun
Gauge: 12 gauge
Chamber: 3″
Capacity: 5+1 (2 3/4-in. Shells)
Stock: Pistol grip only
Sight: Post (front), white dot
Material/Finish: Steel/matte black
Trigger: 5lb., 3oz
Barrel Length: 18.5″, cylinder bore
Weight: 5.75 pounds
Overall Length: 31″
Chokes: Cylinder

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  1. I bought a 12 gauge pardner shotgun an wanted to no if the chainsaw attachment would work on it an also a good heat shield that is not very expensive thank you

  2. Now, I know the chainsaw grip is removable, but is it rail mounted on the bottom of the pump? I ask this because I have a Wasr Ak with an under folder stock and a tactical hand guard, also an AR with a tailed handguard and because of this being the best way to get a mossberg 500 with a pistol grip and breather barrel (I plan on taking the chainsaw grip off) I’m looking into buying this gun.
    But my big question, is can I put this chainsaw grip on my Ak or Ar15? Not for practical use just for fun time at the range.

  3. I actually have one. Yes it is inaccurate off the hip unless you attach a laser sight. Even a flashlight will give you some accuracy. I love the Mossberg Chainsaw.

  4. I just watched the movie, The Purge, where this gun is used. I had to look it up to see what it was. Unorthodox, and different, but cool looking in the movie. I think I’d be better off just using a regular pump.

  5. I have owed my Chainsaw 500 for a few years now and I am very pleased with it. It has absolutely no recoil thanks to the door breaching choke and the chainsaw grip makes it easy to hold on target. I have become very accurate with out to 25 yards. Perfect for home defense and a fun way to get rid of that stress on the weekends.

  6. I bought the chainsaw a couple of months ago and put a blackhawk AR style 6 pos.butt stock on it and a laser sight,its very useful in a hand to hand combat situation but i still sleep with my model 12 Win,riot because of the pull the trigger back and hold feature that allows it to slam fire as fast as you can pump it.The door breacher on the Mossberg makes one hell of a gouger if you run out of shells.

  7. My understanding from reviews I’ve read is that this configuration of the Mossberg is specifically designed for breaching operations. I initially laughed at the look of it but again as a specialized tool, from what I have read, it is what most LEO’s want in a breaching gun.

  8. I disagree…. I live in a very bad neighborhood…had to move there on short notice and from my living room hallway to the front door is about 12 ft. so this seems like a perfect weapon for stopping a piss of shit cracked up home invader…

  9. This gun rocks!!! its a perfect 500 6+1 with all the tactical bells a whistles….if you do not like the bells take them off. This firearm is everything a home defense piece needs to be. Unlike what Biden suggests i will not be firing two shots off my back deck…illegal :\ … i would rather save those for the intended intruder… A+ firearm

  10. I have one and I took the handle of i put a magpul AFGgen2 on it and a m6 laser light combo on one of the side rails. the M6 was designed for hand guns but works well on this gun and holds zero even with the recoil of 3″ slugs and 00 buckshot.

    I ran this gun in this configuration at a shotgun training course. with a folding collapsible (6 position) butt stock I got on an amazon special for $49.

    so $389 on the gun, $30 on the AFGgen2 and $50 on the stock. Ran good actually better than my saiga 12 unconverted (tapco stock set) I also took. (Once i get my saiga converted and magwell done right ill be using that more and may move away from my M4 for 3 gun)

  11. I just purchased the Mossberg 500 with the chainsaw grip. Haven’t decided if I’m going to keep the chainsaw grip or take it off, but overall it’s an excellent gun for home defense!

  12. It’s not for firing at the hip unless you’re in a confined space.. the chainsaw handle allows you to hold the gun out in front of you.. and hold on to it so it doesn’t hit you in the face. i can hit stuff pretty well with it…

  13. I love mine, yes i don’t like aiming through the chainsaw handle is a pain but i put a laser sight/flashlight on the rails and now it’s perfect. this gun wasn’t meant for hunting, shooting trap or target shooting. it’s a tactical weapon meant for home defense and upfront in close fighting. the 18.5″ barrel is what makes it that not the rail. However, transitioning from the hip between your mossberg 500 chainsaw and your side arm is alot quicker and more efficient. So, do what i do before purchasing a weapon which is homework on what it’s for and how to use it. then you’ll have no complaints much less the wrong gun for the job.

    P.S. the chainsaw handle makes door breaching much easier.

  14. Okay, the chainsaw grip is useful. You pump the gun by firing with the chainsaw grip held as rigid as you can. That will release the pump lock. Then keep that chainsaw handle in place and saw forward and back using the pistol grip! Freaking cool design. Would not want to face someone with one these at shotgun range.

  15. Purchased the gun today. Will take the chainsaw handle off tomorrow. Looks like about a 3-minute job with an Allen wrench. Awesome gun.

    • I’ll give you $40 for that chainsaw grip, if you don’t want it, paypal, and I’ll cover the cost of shipping.

      Let me know 🙂 thanks

  16. I don’t quite understand why people hate on this gun. First of all, if you want a Mossberg 500 with tactical rails on the fore grip and an 18.5 breacher barrel this is your only/best option. If you don’t want the chainsaw grip, its optional, take it off. Sure, you could buy a standard Mossberg 500 cruiser or persuader and add this fore grip (not the chainsaw grip) for an extra $40-60 (or whatever they cost) and put it on but you still wouldn’t have the breacher barrel. Again, this is your best option; least amount of mods, most cost effective. If you wanna run your mouth about the chainsaw grip, save it because its optional. Its like bitching about a pistol coming with a speed loader. If you don’t need it, don’t use it. Simple. Also, this nonsense about the gun not having a practical purpose is just moronic. Pistol grip pumps are small and get the job done in close combat situations such as home defense. No one is suggesting you go bird hunting with this thing. Obviously pistol grip shotguns are preference as some people prefer a full stock however does that make it necessary to bitch and moan online about it (“Wahhhh you like a pistol grip and I dont!”). Grow up. This weapon is perfect for home defense with or without the “chainsaw” grip. Bottom line: Defend your home the way that fits you and keep your close minded opinions to yourself.

  17. This shotgun is actually more useful than many of you may think- for persons with motor neuron diseases or a left-sided muscle weakness or atrophy secondary to a stroke, ALS or similar medical condition. It would enable such an individual to effectively use a shotgun as a defensive weapon within the confines of their own home. As a military disability lawyer, I have had several clients impaired in this manner who have loved the fact that they were able to effectively use this 12GA Mossberg at close range despite their physical impairment. Before anyone chimes in by suggesting a 20GA to reduce recoil , that does not compensate for the upper extremity weakness inherent in the conditions described above. Thus, for the special application described above, it is a fine weapon. v/r Jack Gately (www.gatelylawfirm.com)

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