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Montie Gear Lightweight AR Rest Review

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When it comes to cars I like them light and nimble. Horsepower is fun too, but not if you have to lug around over 3,000lbs of car. When it comes to gun accessories I’m all about light and minimalist gear too, the lighter the better I think. That’s if you can go light without sacrificing strength and quality. Montie Gear’s Lightweight AR Rest is one of those products that I think is both light and strong. 

If you don’t remember Montie Gear they make a pretty cool slingshot that’s perfect for your bug out bag. I’ve used a few different shooting rest over the years, from Caldwell’s shooting rest to just using my shooting bag as a makeshift rest. When I had the chance to review Montie Gear’s Lightweight AR Rest I thought, why not? Upon receiving the rest I was shocked with just how lightweight it really is. It comes in at just 12.1 ounces.

The rest is made in the USA out of 3/16″ water jet aluminum that’s powder coated, it also has non-slip protective EPDM rubber guards that prevent your rifle getting scratched. Assembling the rest is really easy, just slide the three legs together and insert the included quick release pin. To take it apart pull the pin out and it stores flat in your range bag, the pin is attached to the rest so you won’t lose it. Pulling the pin out for the first few uses was a bit difficult, but after a few uses it loosened up.

The rest brings your AR-15 up 9.5″ from the top of the bench or ground, it gives the shooter plenty of clearance for use with full-size 30 round mags, grips and other accessories.

I’ve actually had the Montie Gear Lightweight AR Rest for a while and have used it for many range sessions over thousands of rounds. It’s held up very well and even after being in my range bag with other gear all this time it looks pretty much brand new, the coating is very durable. I use the rest for everything from my AR-15s and .22lr rifles and even my .308 rifles and my old surplus rifles. While it’s marketed as being an AR-15 rest it works well with higher caliber rifles, although you might have some movement from the recoil of bigger rifles. With the AR-15 the rest is rock solid. 


  • Super lightweight and ultra portable
  • Easy to assemble and take down
  • Easy to store in your range bag
  • Solid and stable for use with an AR-15


  • A bit pricey at $89.95 MSRP
  • Might be too light for some calibers, I had some movement with high caliber rifles

Final Thoughts

The Montie Gear Lightweight AR Rest isn’t cheap, but it’s super light weight and collapses flat so you can store it almost anywhere. A good shooting rest makes your range day more enjoyable when shooting rifles long distance or while sighting in and the Montie Gear rest is an accessory you can always have in your range bag without adding much weight or bulk. 

Check them out at Amazon and MontieGear.com

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