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Mission Spec Irene Adaptive Sling Review



Rifle Slings are some of the best selling gun accessories, and understandably so. Just as it is necessary for a pistol to have a holster, a high quality gun sling can make a world of difference as an easy way to carry a rifle over your shoulder for the operator. With all the options on the market as to one-point only sling or two-point mount, extra padding, etc. A customer has a probability of being unsatisfied with one’s choice in sling. However a completely new concept in sling design, the Irene Adaptive Sling from Mission Spec, took to simple approach with function over form, and created a balanced sling with its main function to have the ability to convert from a one-point to a two-point sling with extreme speed and ease.


From the one-point configuration the sling can be simply converted to the two-point mode with the pull and attaching of the front MASH hook to the weapon system’s front sling point. Because of the nature of the IAS, when in one-point mode the weapon can be fired from the weapons (strong side) or reaction side (weak side) without any complications.


The Irene Adaptive Sling (IAS) is ready to fit any individual. The product will ship in its smallest configuration to fit an average person wearing no body armor. If the IAS needs to be sized smaller, the operator can remove lengths of the nylon webbing (it prevent fraying). 99% of individuals will be able to size the IAS by simply adjusting the friction locks. Keeping larger individuals in mind, (with or without body armor) Mission Spec has included extra webbing material on the IAS that can be let out. The IAS ships at the length ready to accept an M4-length weapon system. This can be adjusted from longer to shorter weapon systems.


MASH Hook Manipulation
The MASH hook design is extremely simple to operate. Grasp the hook and squeeze to open the jaws. Once the jaws are in the correct position to attach to the weapon system, release your grip. Simply squeeze again to open the hook’s jaws and remove.






Tethered to the Operator throughout the conversion process.
Quick Detach the entire sling in case of emergency.
Rapid Cinch keeps your weapon secure during movement.
No-hassle MASH Hooks for easy attach/detach.
Completely adjustable to Operator and weapon.




Military grade buckles, one inch nylon webbing, and steel MASH hooks. Webbing and buckles are Berry Compliant (see: Berry Amendment USC, Title 10, Section 2533a). The IAS is 100% customizable for size and has redundant friction locks at all sizing points.


I am impressed with the Mission Spec IAS, Irene Adaptive Sling. This sling is without any hesitation, tough gear that is GOOD-TO-GO. From the start the functions of this sling system was simple to understand and use on the AR, AK, Galil/Golani platforms we tested with. The first day we started to use the system, I took it out to go hiking on some private land a friend owned and the IAS was definitely proving its use in civilian usage, as for law enforcement usage, this will be a useful tool to employ to remove the weapon from between the suspect and the officer. I strongly recommend the Irene Adaptive Sling from Mission Spec as the next peace of gear for your rifle or carbine. The IAS could also make a great gift for another rifle owning, firearms enthusiast with price at $34.95 so it wont hurt your pocket.

The Irene Adaptive Sling is available in three (3) color options. Coyote Tan, Foliage Green, and Black and is available at Missionspec.com.

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