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Magpul iPhone 4/4S Field Case Review


Magpul is probably the hottest AR-15 accessory maker around, did you know they make iPhone cases too? Just like their butt stocks, magazines and grips (and pretty much everything else in their product line), their iPhone cases are made right here in the USA. The Magpul Field case is made from the same synthetic rubber as their original Magpul loop and has the same ribs as the popular PMAG AR-15 magazine. They’re available in black, flat dark earth, OD green, foliage, orange and pink.

There’s two kinds of iPhone and smart phone cases, the cheapy ones you get at the kiosks at the mall and the higher quality cases that come with a premium price. The Magpul Field Case is the best of both worlds. Even though the Field case is made right here in the US of A, it’s set at a price that won’t break the bank. MSRP is under $10 at most retailers, cheaper than most of those flimsy eBay specials and mall kiosk cases. Yet the quality surpasses pretty much any iPhone case at $10, or even at $20 actually.

The iPhone snaps into the case really easily and fits in there snug, it pops out just as easily too in case you need to remove it. The screen of the iPhone is protected by a lip when being placed face down. (note the picture above shows a screen protector, the case does not come with one).

The case has adequate openings for the iPhone’s camera and flash, headphone output and volume controls. The Magpul Field Case is thin and doesn’t add too much bulk, yet it’s still rather stiff and provides pretty good protection for the phone. It’s no Otterbox case, but I’ve dropped my iPhone once at the range in the Magpul Field case and it was luckily undamaged.

I don’t recommend dropping your phone no matter what case you use, but I’m confident the Magpul Field case will take a beating while still protecting your phone from major damage. The Magpul Field Case’s texture has a good amount of grip. It won’t slip out of your hands easily but it also won’t get stuck in your pocket as you pull it out like silicone cases tend to do.

Magpul makes great products, and their iPhone cases are no exception. At under $10 and made in the USA, the Magpul Field case really delivers. It’s simple, affordable and gets the job done. I used to be an Otterbox guy, and while I still like Otterbox cases for their great protection, after using the Magpul Field case I’ve now been converted. I’m even going to go so far and say the Magpul Field case is my new favorite case for my iPhone 4S.

For more info on the Magpul Field Case and other products check out Magpul.com. To purchase an Magpul iPhone Field Case check them out at Amazon.com.



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