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BulkAmmo.com Fiocchi .223 Review



Let’s face it, ammo is getting expensive. The good old days are behind us, rising fuel prices, the cost of metals and inflation are driving up the price of ammo. In the last few years I’ve done almost all my ammo shopping online, especially for bulk .223 ammo. The best prices for ammo these days are online, and in bulk. If you can afford to buy 100, 500 to 1000 rounds of your ammo of choice you’ll save quite a bit.

I have a few sites I frequent for most of my ammo needs, but I stumbled upon a new site, www.bulkammo.com, and decided to give them a try. I picked up two boxes of  Fiocchi .223 to try out. They also carry many popular brands of ammo from Hornady, Remington, to Tula and Wolf at pretty competitive prices. The checkout process was painless and shipping was quick (and their website looks pretty sweet!). I’ll most likely come back next time I need a case of .223.



The Fiocchi .223 I received features a 55 grain soft point bullet, we used the same rifle from our Primary Weapons Systems MK1 review to test the ammo with. Yeah we knocked out two birds (reviews) with one stone. Anyways, on to the review. Fiocchi is pretty highly regarded ammo, but I’ve never had a chance to shoot any of it. I usually shoot PMC bronze or Winchester,  or if I’m on a budget Tula. Yeah I know, but hey it works for me.

Final Thoughts 

We put 40 rounds (two boxes) down range and with our new AR-15 and it functioned flawlessly.  Our groupings off hand weren’t too bad, you can see how well we did at 50 yards off hand in the picture at the top of this article. While I only fired two boxes of the Fiocchi .223, I was happy with it. It functioned perfectly, fired accurately and it was pretty clean ammo.

With ammo prices on the rise along with pretty much everything else, you really have to hunt for the deals out there. One way to save is to buy your ammo in bulk online, and Bulkammo.com is a great resource for all your online ammo needs.

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