Alien Gear’s Shell Swap Program Reviewed


My adventure in carrying a concealed firearm started this year when I finally received my state-issued CWP (Concealed Weapons Permit). I had been shooting for several years, primarily a full-sized CZ 75 BD model handgun. I loved shooting it, but it was a little large and heavy, so I ordered a CZ P-01 handgun (a great choice for a double-stack, all-metal carry pistol) while I was waiting for my CWP.

While I sat and waited the 81 days it took to receive my new permit, I looked around at my holster options. As I had chosen a handgun not as ubiquitous as the Glock or 1911 – although growing in popularity – I knew that my options would be somewhat limited. During a chance conversation with a friend, I found that he had switched from his Alien Gear to a different brand of holster for his Glock 19 and offered his old holster to me. I knew that Alien Gear was a reputable brand but I didn’t see how a holster for a different model gun would be any help. I didn’t believe it when he told me they would trade it for another model holster for free, but sure enough their website backed up his claim.

So, I took the holster home that day and reached out to Alien Gear Customer Service through Facebook. Customer service responded that same day with an individualized response (not a form response like you get with some other companies) and sent me instructions to take advantage of their shell swap program (Found Here). I headed to my local UPS store with the holster, a note giving my basic personal information and the holster I wanted, and enough money to ship it to Alien Gear with a tracking number. This is the last money I would spend to get the holster replaced.

The holster came in the mail two days faster than the anticipated shipping date, and I was thoroughly impressed with the package that had arrived. What I had sent off was a worn, bent holster packed in a yellow envelope. What I received seemed to be a brand new holster in sealed packaging with all new hardware and instructions for use.

The holster is comfortable to wear and secure for easily carrying a double-stack, alloy-framed handgun. I will need some more time carrying and practicing dynamic shooting styles with it before I’m ready to give a full review and recommendation. What I am ready to say is that Alien Gear represents a great value in the saturated holster market, and after my experience with them, I am sure that they stand by their “Iron Clad Triple Guarantee” and their product.


    • Absolutely. I don’t have the 3.0 but mine is very comfortable. I’ll have to do a full review/test of it once I’ve worn it a little more.

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