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.50 Caliber Bottler Opener Review


50 Cal Bullet Bottle Opener
Now here’s a really cool way to crack open a cold one. From Bullets2Bandages.org, this unique bottle opener is actually made out real once fired military grade .50 Caliber BMG round. They inserted a new .50 cal bullet and cut a crown-cap bottle opener into the brass case. They go for $20, but part of the profits go towards the Travis Manion Foundation. I’ve been using the .50 cal bottle opener to crack open my favorite bottles of beer, but it will open any bottle cap with ease. So far it’s held up well, the only downside to it is that it now makes me want to own a rifle chambered in .50 BMG! One day hopefully I can.

Bullet2Bandages.org was formed by Erik Spalding and Cole Evans, Naval Explosive Ordinance Disposal officers who wanted to start a company that helped bring attention to their fellow soldiers and veterans and all the hard work and sacrifice they give to our country. They also make apparel, necklaces as wells belts made out of one-fired brass. So if you want to sport some cool accessories and help out those who served. Check out the entire line at Bullet2Bandages.org.

50 Cal Bullet Bottle Opener

50 Cal Bullet Bottle Opener



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