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1791 Apparel T-Shirt Review


1971 apparel gadsden flag

1791 Apparel makes stylish high-quality clothing for military and gun enthusiasts, I stumbled upon 1791 Apparel a while back and did a quick post about them. I really liked their style quite a bit for both their clean designs and historical references, so I ordered myself a few shirts to review. I picked up their Gadsden and Tula shirts, both of which go for $17 .00, a very fair price in a market full of over priced tacticool accessories and gizmos most of us don’t really need. Their shirts aren’t “in your face” like other gun related shirts tend to be, you could wear them at the mall without sparking any Second Amendment debates with random anti-gunners off the street. And if you do, just tell those Constitution stomping haters you’re just practicing your rights. But I digress…

1791 apparel gadsden flag

The first shirt I choose was their Gadsden shirt, which can be found HERE. The Gadsden flag along with it’s “Don’t Tread on Me” motto has been a symbol of America’s independence and fighting spirit since well, the Revolutionary War. I’ve been a fan of the Gadsden flag well before the Tea Party starting using them at their rallies, so it was the first to go in my shopping cart. Their version of the Gadsden flag shirt features an AR-15 along with the familiar coiled snake ready to strike.  Available in both short and long sleeves and up to 4XL, 1791 Apparel’s shirts are printed on 6.1oz Hanes Heavyweight Tagless t-shirts, they’re preshrunk and double hemmed. Most of their shirts are available in black, fatigue, sand (light brown) and steel (light grey).

1791 logo on the back of the shirt

Right when I pulled the shirts out of the box I could tell they were of great quality, the screen printed designs are very well made as well. I have washed both shirts I ordered since this review and both the color and print design look good as new (some shirts look horrible after a single wash, that wasn’t the case here). The shirts were pretty comfortable and fit was spot-on (the shirts pictured are both a size large) but be sure to check out their size chart just to be sure. Their shirts also feature the 1791 Apparel logo on the bottom right corner of the back of the shirt as well, as pictured above.

1791 Apparel Tula Shirt

The second shirt I bought was their Tula shirt, which can be found HERE. If you’re an owner of a Mosin Nagant, AK-47, AK-74 etc…then you probably already know what the Tula factory marking looks like. I happen to own the fascist crushing Hex Tula factory made Mosin Nagant above. The Mosin Nagant has grown in popularity over the past few years due to its inexpensive price, and even more inexpensive ammo prices. At $100 for a rifle in good condition, and less for a spam can of 7.62x54r ammo, there’s a ton of fellow Mosin Nagant owners out there.

1791 Apparel Tula Shirt

So don’t be surprised if someone gives you a thumbs up when they see you sporting this subtle symbol of the Soviet industrial machine at the range as you pop off a few rounds out of your small cannon/spear. If you’re were like me, one of the first things you did when you got your Mosin (or if you were in the shop inspecting a Mosin) was to see what factory it was made in. If you happen to have a Izhevsk factory rifle, 1791 Apparel has you covered with their Izhevsk shirt as well.

1791 Apparel Tula Shirt

If you’re gun nut, military history buff or you know someone who is, these shirts are a great buy. Their high-quality and stylish designs make them great for range duty without looking like a mall ninja, or just wearing around town. Check them out at www.1791apparel.com.

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