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The Walking Dead Season 3 Blu-ray Zombie Tank Case



We’re pretty big The Walking Dead fans here at ArmoryBlog (but not fans of zombie themed guns I might add). If you’re a Walking Dead fan like us then I’m sure this sweet new zombie head tank Blu-ray case for season three of The Walking Dead is on your wishlist. At over $100 it’s not cheap, but it includes all of season three on Blu-ray and a bunch of zombie heads in a fish tank case, how cool is that? Now I just need to convince the wife to let me buy one for the Blu-ray case in the living room. You can pick one up online at Amazon.com.

If you’re a The Walking Dead fan check out our past post on Michonne’s Katana that you can actually buy, Daryl’s Crossbow and Rick’s .357 Colt Python. We’ve also compiled a list of the Guns of  The Walking Dead that we’ve been updating throughout the series.


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