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The New Kel-Tec CL-43 Flashlight


Kel-Tec recently released their new CL-43 flashlight. The 420 lumen flashlight has a Cree XP-G LED lamp and is CNC machined out of extruded aluminum and comes in black, yellow, OD green, coyote tan and orange. They’re pricey at $140 over at Keltecweapons.com.

The switch is operated like the trigger on a gun, pointing the light as an extension of your arm. Compared to a light mounted to a pistol, the CL-43 has much superior range, and also keeps the ability to hold the light off the line of sight to conceal your position.

The small size of the CL-43 makes it possible to hold and operate parallel with a handgun without impairing a conventional two handed hold. If required, and with some training, the light can be operated one-handed together with the gun.

With the addition of a separate attachment, the CL-43 can also be mounted to a MIL-Spec Picatinny. An integrated belt clip and lanyard ring add to the versatility of the system. With a separate adaptor, standard AA batteries can be utilized, however, at an increase in length of the system.


  1. If the guy in the 2nd picture actually fired his gun while holding the light like that, either the gun or the light (or both) would go flying right out of his hand. That is just silly.


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