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The Bungee Holster



I like minimalist style gear, as long as its well thought out and it works. I don’t think the bungee holster is either. The makers claim it’s the lowest profild and lightest weight profile on the market, because it’s just a piece of bungee cord. We tested another minimalist holster, the Versa Carry Holster, which suffers from the same downfall. That you can’t use either holster with a round in the chamber. The Versa Carry is a much better design however. If you want something even more simple than the Versa Carry then check out the Bungee Holster at BungeeHolster.com.


  1. Ummmmm…..no thank you. May as well hang it from a leather thong around your neck like how Eli Wallach carried his in The Good, Bad, & The Ugly.

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