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Strike Industries Strike Plate Body Armor


Strike Industries released their new Strike Plate body armor that they designed specifically for the civilian market by Armor Development Group. They start at just $120 and are legal throughout the United States because they were designed to not be concealable. The NIJ Level III-A/06 level plates can take multiple pistol rounds up to .44 magnum and are NIJ STAB III as well. The large sized plates weight in at 4.375 lbs and measure 10″x13″x.55″.


  1. That’s pretty cool $120 is a very attractive price-point. It would be nice to see them do something curved for perhaps a little more money that would do standalone rifle protection.

  2. Like I said on another weapons blog that for a few bucks more I can buy a plate rated to stop 7.62 AP rounds not just handgun loads. If your buying a plate spend the money for one that can handle more than just pistol.

  3. I am interested in different sized body armor plates. I have even considered buying one of those ballistic riot shields. I did not research either very far. Perhaps this company is a good start. My understanding is that all bulletproof material is very expensive. I have been saving cardboard to test how thick it must me to stop various caliber rounds, I just did not compress the pieces together yet because none of the local ranges will allow outsiders to set up their own targets. Thanks for the information!


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