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Reduce The Sting Of Recoil With The Past Mag Shield



I love shooting my rifles much more than any of my pistols, but after a day at at the range my old bones can’t take it anymore. OK I’m not that old, maybe just a wuss, but after 20 rounds of 7.62x54R out of my Mosin Nagant or 5  boxes 00 buckshot my shoulder feels like it was kicked by Bas Rutten, over and over again.

Enter the Past Mag Shield, an ambidextrous 1/2″ thick recoil protection pad that claims can help tame rifles up to 300 Winchester Magnum. In case you need something with even more protection, there’s also the Past Super Mag Plus that’s 1″ thick that can take shots from hard hitters like 416 Rigby and the 500 Nitro Express, and maybe even Bas. So in case you’re getting old like me and you want to actually be able to shoot your high power rifles without needing to go to the chiropractor afterwards, check out the Past Mag Shields.

The Past Mag Shield goes for under $24 shipped on Amazon, while the Past Super Mag Plus goes for under $31 shipped on Amazon. There’s also the Past Women’s Recoil Shield made specifically for the ladies.




  1. Much nicer than the kevlar panels I cut up and duct taped together. They work, but look pretty awful on the range. The Mag Shield definitely looks better.


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