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MTM Tactical Range Box



There’s more to shooting then just owning a gun and a few boxes of ammo. Most gun enthusiast own a plethora of other gear. From holsters, mag holders, slings, cleaning kits, bags and tools. Here’s something that will make your range trip a bit easier if you’re an AR-15 shooter. The MTM Tactical Range Box is an all-in-one solution for AR shooters, it also works with other semi-auto rifles, bolt-action rifles and shotguns as well. It contains plenty of storage space for cleaning kits, ammo or mags. It has a removable top storage box as well as a cleaning-station base. It also has two adjustable gun forks to hold your rifle as well as an action block insert arm to fit the AR-15/M16 magwell during maintenance.

They go for $44 with free shipping on Amazon.