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MG-42 and FG-42 Hybrid Stock Set for The AK-47




The MG-42 and FG-42 were awesome firearm designs that were ahead of their time. Unfortunately owning one of these gems is quite expensive, but if you own an AK-47 you can add a little bit of that German flair to it. Ironwood Designs has what they’ve dubbed the STG-47 stock that incorporates the butt stock and pistol grip of the MG-42 with the hand guard of the FG-42. They retail for $395 over at Ironwooddesigns.com.

STG-47 Model Features:
• MG-42 type butt stock, with prone position finger hook, slotted butt end, ( no butt plate or pad option ).
Length, 10 1/4” from receiver to vertical but end sfc. ( this is 1 inch longer than a std. factory AK butt stock ).
• MG-42 identical shape pistol grip, with side panel ribbing. Mounts with std. AK grip screw, measured 4” below
screw head. Very ergonomic shape, measure approx. 1 1/8” thick. One size available only.
• FG-42 type lower hand guard. Straight walled, ribbed, with rear “hump”. Very comfortable, and very “grippy”.
Top rails of guard chamfered for a bit more finger tip grasp. Lower is approx. 1.65” in width.
• FG-42 inspired upper gas tube hand guard. Vertical side wall ribbing, and top vent slots. Also a straight walled
design. Mounts like any std. AK upper hand guard, and is cut to accept the internal spring clip.
• Sets are available finished only. We do a hand finished 5-6 coat oil finish, topped off with a #0000 steel
wool buffing, and then a coat of orange oil/carnuba wax.
• All parts will be test fitted to an appropriate receiver, however butt stock mtg. holes will not be drilled as these
specs do vary from AK to AK.
• Due to the extra machining steps and set-ups, and detail finish sanding, these sets will require a 4-6 week
turnaround time.
• Walnut and Beech wood will be the two wood types offered initially. Higher grade Walnuts can be ordered at
with a range of $70-195 for various grades. You can e-mail us for those details at time of order.


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