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Magpul’s New MDSLR Camera Sling



Magpul has been on a roll with new products lately, they recently announced their new 1911 grips and MBUS Pro sights for the AR-15. Well now it looks like Magpul has entered yet another market, they just released their new MDSLR Sling for use with DSLR cameras, point and shoots and even camcorders. We were able to get a media sample before its full release, check out our quick review below.



The new MDSLR Sling is made from the same quality materials here in the USA as their Multi-Mission series of rifle slings. It’s single-point attachment feature is perfect for quick photos in various positions for the high-speed low drag photographer. For those with larger telephoto lenses you can quickly switch to a two-point configuration for more stability during transport.


The MDSLR Sling was designed to make shooting pictures as easy and comfortable as possible. It allows the operator quick access to their camera  in various shooting positions as well as distributes the weight of their equipment more evenly over their back and neck. Not more neck aches after a long day of snapping shots! Should the need arise where you have to switch to your sidearm, the MDSLR Sling allows you to quickly position your DSLR out of your way conveniently and quickly for increased transition speeds.


The new MDSLR Sling from Magpul is a must for any photographer, and at just under $50 for an American made quality product it’s definitely worth the cost to make sure your pricey camera is secured during shooting. Check them out over at www.Magpul.com.

…OK, if you haven’t figured it out yet we’re joking! I needed a new camera strap for my DSLR and I thought, hey why not use a Magpul one? They’ve always worked well for my ARs, and it worked out perfectly for my camera. There is no “MDSLR Sling” from Magpul (yet?), we used a Magpul MS3 Sling from Amazon and also from Amazon a Black Rapid camera fastener with a key ring loop to connect the two.  So if you’re in the market for a camera strap/sling and want to look tacticool while you’re at it you might already have one in your gear bag and not know it.


  1. I actually roll with this setup when shooting sports photography. With the exception of switching out the key-ring with an S-biner. No way could I go back to using a standard camera strap. And forget about paying $80+ for a specialized camera strap that’s just as uncomfortable as the strap that came with the camera.

  2. I just attempted to order this sling via amazon as recommended, and I was denied for attempting to purchase a restricted automatic item….

    I cant even fathom the derp.

  3. nice idea, but its only a single point. with something as expensive and fragile as my dslr with my 300 dollar glass on the front, i want two points of contact.

    • Totally understandable, the Black Rapid fastener does a great job of holding my DSLR, but it’s a pretty light camera. For bigger and heavier setups you can attach both points of the MS3 sling to the side connection points on the camera, you may have to use a few keyrings or something to connect them.

  4. Good to see someone else with common sense. I am a professional sports photog and have been using my ms2 on shoots for the past couple of years. much cheaper than what the camera accessory companies want to charge for a camera sling. plus it is supposed to be comfortable with a rifle – which makes it super comfortable with a light full censor DSLR


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