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Magpul MS3 Sling Spotted in ‘Oblivion’



I watched the new Tom Cruise Sci-Fi flick Oblivion over the weekend, I was really digging the cool futuristic sidearms Cruise’s character was rocking in the movie when I noticed something pretty neat. He was using a Magpul MS3 sling with his rifle, it was custom painted to match his rifle and costume but it was pretty obvious what it was to a gun enthusiast like me. Anyone else catch it?

Here it is in different configurations in the movie. If you haven’t already seen Oblivion it’s not bad, it’s a throwback to the classic Sci-Fi films of the 50’s but it isn’t full of over the top CGI scenes and epic space battles. It’s definitely worth a watch.





  1. Yeah, pretty cool. I noticed it when he slung the rifle around his back when he saw his replica in the radiation zone. Can’t say much for the detail and authenticity in White House Down with the cheesey stainless RPG.

  2. I noticed that the rifle is definately an ACR lower with some kind of upper that was especially made for it that’s futuristic for the movie. It even has the ACR charging handle action. (And yes I noticed it was a magpul ms3 sling also) I’m always trying to figure out the guns & gear in movies when I watch them. Haha..

  3. That also looks like an AAC muzzle device…

    After looking at some of these pictures, I’m inclined to believe that the rifle is just a tarted up ACR.


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