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iPhone Stun Gun Case



Posted over on the GunSpec Blog, this iPhone Stun Gun case looks pretty similar to the .50 BMG Proof iPhone Case we posted about a while back. But this 650,000 volt stun gun packs and punch. Made by Yellow Jacket. They’ll soon be available in black, white, pink and gold.

In case you were thinking, like I was, that this is a recipe for disaster, the stun gun case will have two safety mechanisms to help prevent users from accidently shocking themselves. And when you’re not using the case as a self defense weapon, it will also add an additional 20 hours of battery life to your iPhone. Although it looks bulky Yellow Jacket claims it weights in at only 4 ounces and is comparable in size to the Otterbox Defender case. They’re available for pre-order with Android models coming soon. Check them out at Yellowjacketcase.com.


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