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Hygenall LeadOff Wipes A Must For Your Range Bag


One of the not so talked about dangers of shooting is lead exposure. Lead is a nasty substance and can cause all sorts of health issues, especially to children. It’s important to be careful of lead after shooting. Simply washing your hands may not be enough, that’s where LeadOff wipes from Hygenall can help. LeadOff is the only lead cleaner recommended by the CDC for use after shooting. It cleans off lead and other heavy metals from your skin without the use if harsh chemicals. And it’s made in the USA.

I keep a can in my range bag and I use it right after my shooting session, I even use it to clean off my phone and anything else I may have touched while shooting. A canister of 45 wipes doesn’t cost much either, check it out on Amazon with free shipping.


  1. There’s also “D-Wipe” by Esca Tech (I see some on Amazon, and Ace hardware also carries it), and Hoppes has a product called Lead B Gone. I don’t know if they’re comparable.

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