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How-to Spot A Fake EOTech Sight


I was at a gunshow recently and I was pretty amazed at how many vendors were selling fake EOTech optics, I was even more amazed that people were actually buying them! Now if you just need a cheap red dot to put on top of your airsoft or .22 rifle ok, a knock off will do. If your like depends on your rifle  however you should do your homework and make sure you’re buying the real deal.

Other than the price, there’s a few tell-tale signs whether an EOTech optic is fake or not. While some obvious knock offs can be had for under $100 and come in a generic looking box, other fakes out there are more elaborate copies. EOTech actually put together this guide on how-to spot counterfeit EOTechs.

When I was shopping for an EOTech sight I made sure I bought it from an authorized dealer just to be safe, I snagged my real deal EOTech 512 at just $365 shipped from Amazon.


  1. I like Eotech better for a number of reasons, one of them is the price. You get the same if not higher quality of a optic than aimpoint in my opine for a honest price with the same guarantee. I got a great deal on my Model 552.A65 for $409 with free shipping and the site had 512’s for $329 with free shipping.

  2. the BIGGEST clue is the size of the glass relative to the frame.

    Real ones have a thin frame around the glass, while the fake ones have a thick one.

    Another clue is the ‘dot’ itself. If the dot makes a crisp clear circle for the 65 MOA ring, then it’s a fake. Real ones project small pixles to create the image of the 65 MOA ring, the fake one uses a ‘shape tool’ to project the image.

    Fake ones also fail to hold zero over long periods of time.

    • Good article. I’ve seen some fakes as well at gun shows.

      But to 45acpshooter’s question… Not everyone is made of money to drop 3-500 on an optic and secondly the optic isn’t doing the shooting, you are.

      I’m not saying don’t buy a quality optic but these prices are getting just ridiculous for optics.

      • I understand what you’re saying, but these expensive optics have higher build quality and are battle proven.

        That said I have some budget optics from Primary Arms that work just as well.


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