I’ve been loading up on survival gear lately, and while this isn’t a prepper/survival blog, I like to pass on my finds to you guys. The other day I posted about a budget friendly Credit Card Size Survival Tool, I recently stumbled upon this Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Kit. I know what you’re saying, it’s just another Gerber product with Bear Grylls name slapped on it. While it is just that, it actually is a decent little kit.

You might be able to source all the parts in this 15-piece kit cheaper separately, but at $30 Gerber does it all for you and in a nice carrying bag. The kit includes a Gerber miniature multi-tool, survival blanket, fire starter, snare wire, fishing and sewing kits, a pocket survival guide and more. This kit is perfect for your bug out bag, desk at work or even to keep in your car.

[Via Amazon]

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