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Fake EOTech 512s Spotted on Amazon



Looks like fake EOTech optics are back on Amazon, I spotted this EOTech 512 knock off on Amazon at around $45 shipped while shopping yesterday. I was under the impression that Amazon took down these EOTech copies, these are probably the same fake EOTech’s sold at the gunshows that many unscrupulous sellers pass off as the real deal. Reviews on it on Amazon are mixed, I wouldn’t buy one for a my real deal .223/5.56 AR-15 but it would probably make a decent optic for a trainer airsoft gun or maybe a .22lr AR-15. I use budget optics on my .22 rifles, just realize what you’re buying and don’t expect it to perform anywhere near the real deal.

In case you bought what you thought was a real EOTech at a gunshow, online seller, forum etc and suspect it may be a fake, here’s a guide on how-to tell if your EOTech is a knock off.



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