ammo can speaker box

Got a few old surplus ammo cans sitting around? Here’s a cool DIY to turn an old .50 cal ammo can into a portable ammo can boom box. Don’t have a .50 cal ammo can? You can get surplus .50 cal ammo cans online and at most surplus stores for cheap, the rest of the parts needed to complete the project shouldn’t be more than $50 or so.


The full list of needed parts with links to where to buy them (in red) for your boom box.

1. One .50 caliber ammo box
2. Two 5.25″ speakers
3. Two sets of speaker wires- these will come with your speakers typically
4. 12 volt amplifier
5. 3.5mm panel mount plug
6. 12 volt illuminated toggle switch
7. Computer power supply – a broken one is ok for this, as you will just be using the plug and cord.
8. Egg carton foam – I had this piece of foam from some type of packaging.
9. One desk grommet – these can be found in the hardware store or office supply store.
10. 12 volt power supply – this is the kind of power supply that a laptop would use.
11. Two computer fan grates.
12. 3.5mm male audio to rca audio
13. 3.5mm male to 3.5mm male audio cable
14. Cheap little tripod from the dollar store
15. Various hardware.

While I didn’t come up with this awesome ammo can boom box DIY, the full step-by-step guide is available online over at Once you have your ammo can speaker box done, pick up one of these ammo can wine boxes and you’ll have yourself a party!

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