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Deal Alert: 300LM Flashlight For $5


Here’s a deal on a great little flashlight. Amazon has these 300 lumen LED flashlights at around $5 with free shipping. A have a few of them and they’ve worked great for me. Do they work as well as a Surefire? Absolutely not, but for the price and the amount of light they put out they’ve a smoking deal. They also use AA batteries so you won’t be breaking the bank powering them. Check then out at Amazon.com.

Note: The price in the Amazon listing fluctuates so it may be more or less than $5.

[Source: Amazon]


  1. FWIW, they only come close to 300 lumens when you run them on 3.6 rechargeable lithium-ion battery. You should expect more like 100-ish lumens on a standard 1.5 volt battery.

    But I must say, I am tempted. They’re currently $4 with free shipping. It’s hard to argue against that. On the other hand, if you like cheap stuff from China, maybe you should check out Deal Extreme.

    • Yeah I find they’re not 300LM, but they’re pretty bright for the price. I keep one in every room in my house and in our cars. Can’t beat em for the price.

  2. They work well. Dont get them too wet. Dont feed them after midnight. Dont expect anything too great, or very soon. The two we have here each took about 20 days to arrive.

  3. After seeing this deal i goton amazon and ordered 5. flashlights make a great little gift. anyways. i live in california and was notified these would be shipping from hong kong and were subject to californias proposition 65 law – which means it has chemical known to the state of california to cause birth defects and other illnesses. i was disappointed to find this out.

    so basically these flashlights will give you cancer. if you really want one – i will sell you one of mine because i will not be paying to have these shipped back to hong kong.

    • I think saying these flashlights will give you cancer is a bit of a stretch. The prop 65 warning is because of the paint used on the light. This item causes cancer only if you sand off the black paint and then ingest that paint dust.

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