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Deal Alert: 1000 Lumen LED Flashlight $10 Shipped



Remember that awesome little flashlight deal I posted a while back? Here’s another great deal I stumbled upon while shopping on Amazon, a 1000 lumen LED flashlight for under $10 shipped. For a rechargeable battery and charger it brings the cost up to $18 shipped, still a great deal if you ask me. The light features three modes, high, low and strobe. It has an integrated belt clip and is small enough to fit in a 1″ rail mount too. The LED is rated up to 100,000 hours according to the manufacturer.

They’re available over at Amazon.com.


  1. Great find, but this is not 1K lumens, it’s a hit and miss when it comes to these flashlights, lack QA control. They are great for an Airsoft but I would not bet anyone’s life on this.

    • It really depends on the purpose, and the user interface. For example, the Preon is a great flashlight with 3 modes. It always comes on at low, and then increases to medium and high when the power button is bumped. It’s a great light for EDC but it’s not intended for “tactical operators operating tactically”. OTOH, the Quark Tactical can be programmed with only 2 output modes at a time, and you switch between the modes by loosening or tightening head. It always turns on at whatever output you have it set for. On mine, the ‘tight’ setting produces about 200 lumens while the ‘loose’ setting produces about 30. I keep it ‘tight’ most of the time so I have 200 lumens whenever I press the power switch, but I can switch to 30 when I want it.


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