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Chicks With Guns Photo Book


I’ve been on a book kick lately, I usually don’t read books, but after discovering Gun: A Visual History recently I’ve been buying more and more firearms related books. My recently discovery is Chicks With Guns, it’s an awesome photo book with you guessed it, women and guns.

Now it’s not what you think, there’s no scantily clad women posing with the newest firearms the gun industry has to offer. Quite the opposite actually. Lindsay McCrum’s photo book is full of striking portraits of everyday women with their guns. It is estimated that 15 to 20 million women in the United States own a firearm and this book helps brings these gun-toting women into the forefront. It took McCrum three years and 280 photo shoots to compile all the images for this great book. Check out a few of the images from the book below.

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