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Budget Priced Fiber Optic Green Dot, The Poor Man’s ACOG



When it comes to gun parts and accessories I’m a huge advocate of buying the best you can possibly afford, especially if your life depends on it. For plinkers and range toys on the other hand, buying budget priced accessories and optics is ok in my book if you can’t afford top of the line name brand parts. Enter this 1×30 True Fiber Optic Green dot sight that resembles the popular ACOG optic systems.

I stumbled upon this optic while shopping for an affordable red dot sight for my S&W 15-22. Since it’s a .22lr I figured I didn’t need a top of the line sight (my real deal AR-15s all sport EOTechs however). At $90 shipped, it’s quite a bit cheaper than a real deal ACOG, yet still uses a fiber optic setup to power the 6MOA green dot recticle while using it in sunlight. It also has a backup battery for use at night. The 1X scope features a 6061 T6 aluminum body as well as windage and elevation knobs and weights in at 12.8 ounces.

The reviews for this budget priced ACOG wannabe were pretty good on Amazon, where you an buy it at $90 shipped.

EDIT: The price has since dropped down to under $60 SHIPPED on Amazon, making this budget friendly optic an even better deal.


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