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Blitzkrieg Components Chevron AR-15 Front Sight Post


Blitzkrieg Components has come out with a pretty sweet new AR-15 front sight post. They’ve incorporated a Chevron like the reticles used in ACOGs and other optics. They come in either black, or black with a contrast white stripe. They give users a sharper aiming point and an easier to use sight picture for quicker target acquisition  They’re precision made from milled 4000 series steel and feature a corrosion resistant KG GunKote finish. The post height is .25″ and fits into any standard AR front sight housing that uses standard posts. They’re not cheap however, they go for about $75 for the black finish and $85 for the white stripe model. For more info check out blitzkriegcomponents.com.


  1. NOTE: The original article was dated 12/3/2012. As of 2/20/14 the sights are 39.95 on the Blitzkrieg Component website and slightly cheaper through the dealers. Let’s hope they go down even more!


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